Wednesday, January 9, 2013

{the nitty gritty of being a mommy to boys}

ever since i was little i had decided that i would have 6 kids {so far we have 2 and counting} and the first be would a boy. I always wanted a boy first so that he would take care of all his younger brother and sisters.
now i did not grow up with boys--it was always just me and my sister. and so having a little boy was quite the eye opening and still is an eye opening adventure everyday.
For instance, I did not know how gross and dirty boys can be. When they sweat they smell like little puppies.  They also like to pick their nose and stick their 'gold" on the nearest wall. If you ask them to get dressed do not expect matching clothes or the for the clothes to be right-side-out for that matter. Just be happy that atleast they have put on 'clean' clothes. Oh, their appetite...they eat and eat and eat--all day and all night. It is like throwing food down an empty black hole that never fills up not matter how much you throw at it.
little boys like to collect things. when i say 'things' i mean  trash like rocks, paper, odd little pieces of metal, more rocks, broken crayons, hot wheels and the list goes on and on. and when they collect said 'things' they like to stuff them in their pockets. so when you do the laundry you find nice little 'surprises'--it's sort of like going on a treasure hunt, i never know what i am going to find.  
but i must say, by far, the grossest things about boys relates to the bathroom. for example, if you tell them to take a shower, make sure they actually get in the shower. and sometimes, just sometimes, take a sniff at their head when they get out--just because they actually get in the shower and get wet does not mean they actually use soap themselves. and of course they always forget to put the toilet down and one of the worst things--they forget to flush--so gross!
 but despite all their grossness and such, boys do have their sweet side. for instance, if you're having a bad day, they will be the first to console you with a big hug. if you're feeling sick, they will take care of you. and on those quiet nights, right before bed, they will snuggle with you for a bit. and then there are those days when you've been running around , the kids have been driving you crazy and you're thoroughly exhausted. you sit on the couch just for a moment, but ending falling asleep because you're so tired and then you wake up to this:
just in case you can't read it, it says, " Dear Mom, This is a awsome thing for a awsome girl. "
 along with a big glass of a "special" concoction made just for you--composed of cherry limeade, tropical punch and maraschino cherries.
 and in that moment you forget all the grossness and you wrap your arms around him and just drink him in--and in the briefest of moments you think how wonderful it would be to have a house full of boys. and then you walk into your kitchen and see juice all over the counter with opened jars of cheeries strewn about and that moment is gone. for now, one boy is just enough for me.


  1. Oh my goodness, I love this. Love love love this! I have two crazy boys and as gross as they are - and they are - they are so great & sweet like you said! I had just written a post about it too, I wouldn't have it any other way! So sweet what you're little guy did!!

  2. Love this post!! I have a little boy too, he is almost 2, such busy bodies, always into something. Loving your mint jeans too, its my newest favorite color too!




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