Tuesday, February 12, 2013

{when i am weak....He is strong}

i am a wife and a mommy.
i am a daughter, granddaughter and sister.
i am a student.
i am not perfect.
i fail more often then i would like to admit.
i make mistakes, many mistakes.
sometimes it take me repeating a mistake a couple times before i learn from it.
i have lots of dreams and ambitions.
i am filled with self doubt.
i lack confidence.
i sometimes have trouble trusting God.
sometimes i lack faith.
sometimes i let fear over take me.
sometimes i wish i could go back and start over.
sometimes i am afraid of what other people will think of me.
i am sensitive.
i have a sensitive heart.
i used to be ashamed of this, but now i proud of this.
i love easy and i love often.
because of this, i tend to hurt often.
sometimes when i look in the mirror i am ashamed by what i see.
sometimes i wish i was prettier and thinner.
sometimes i do not like myself.
sometimes i eat more candy than i should.
sometiems i wish i was better.
sometimes i feel like giving up.
sometimes i don't want to get up in the morning.
sometimes i want to hide under the covers.
sometimes i take on too much.
sometimes i lie.
sometimes i shut out the world around me because that is the only way i can get through the day.
sometimes i feel like i cannot take another step.
sometimes i just do not want to go on.

but it is during these times....

when i made weak, He is strong.
when i feel like i cannot go on, He gives me the strenght to keep going.
when i lack confidence, i find my confidence.
when i cry, He wipes my tears.
when i need comfort, He comforts me.
when i fail, He gives me the strenght to keep going.
when i am afraid, He holds my hand.
when i look in the mirror and hate what i see, He helps me to see myself though His eyes.

He loves me so much He sent His son to die for me.


  1. thankyou so much for sharing this. I relate to it soo strongly. God bless you and may Jesus continue to work through you. thankyou thankyou thankyou =)

  2. I'm so glad you shared this - what an incredible encouragement!


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