Wednesday, March 20, 2013

{hello spring & a few other things}

*hello spring! i have been looking forward to you! spring means spending time in the garden planting and longer days spent outside.
*i have missed blogging and i have missed you.

*it's ok to take a break from blogging to deal with life and regroup.
*my latest food obsession: the panini
*sleep does a body good.
*i have lots planned this blog and Lord willing I will be able to do it all. so stay tuned.
*i graduate in less than 2 months *gulp*...i cannot believe it's almost here!
*mad men is comming back in a few weeks and i'm super excited.
*i'm so loving my classes right now. i really feel like i'm growing as writer and reader.
*i miss sewing...the first thing i'm going to do after i finish is school is pull out my sewing machine and get to getting.
*sometimes i have so many ideas in my head, i feel that if i do not write them down then they will fall out of my head.
*i have learned that i cannot live without my planner and my phone.
*today is operation be healthy...more on that in a few weeks.
*i'm thinking of cutting my hair, but i'm afraid i will have hair cut remorse.
*i have some big news to share in the upcoming weeks so look out for it.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

3 things you didn't know about me:: Influential Women link-up

today I am linking up with some other pretty amazing women for the Influential Women we go!
3 things about me:
1. i have a weakness for purses. I have quite a collection and each one means something special to me. i love purses so much that i would rather carry a purse and diaper bag rather than go without a purse.
2. i adore audrey hepburn! she is, to me, the epitome of class and grace. she never let her stardom get in her head. she was humble and geniune. my all-time favorite movie: breakfast at tiffany's. I have a huge picture of her in my living room (it's a scene from breakfast at tiffany's)
3. i love Ronald Reagan. I am not quite sure how my fasination all started...maybe it was because he was President while I was growing up (i was a product of the 80's). well, whatever it was, i am now a fan. i am a member of the ronald reagan library; i spent my 29th birthday there. i have amassed quite collection of books about him. i named one of my kids after him.
the influence network has been such an encouragement for me. whenever i need a good dose of encouragement or hope in a bleak situation, i know i can find it there. the women are encouraging, God-fearing women who love the Lord and one another. they embrace you in the love of the Lord and comfort you with His words.
so what about you? what are some fun things about you?


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