Wednesday, March 20, 2013

{hello spring & a few other things}

*hello spring! i have been looking forward to you! spring means spending time in the garden planting and longer days spent outside.
*i have missed blogging and i have missed you.

*it's ok to take a break from blogging to deal with life and regroup.
*my latest food obsession: the panini
*sleep does a body good.
*i have lots planned this blog and Lord willing I will be able to do it all. so stay tuned.
*i graduate in less than 2 months *gulp*...i cannot believe it's almost here!
*mad men is comming back in a few weeks and i'm super excited.
*i'm so loving my classes right now. i really feel like i'm growing as writer and reader.
*i miss sewing...the first thing i'm going to do after i finish is school is pull out my sewing machine and get to getting.
*sometimes i have so many ideas in my head, i feel that if i do not write them down then they will fall out of my head.
*i have learned that i cannot live without my planner and my phone.
*today is operation be healthy...more on that in a few weeks.
*i'm thinking of cutting my hair, but i'm afraid i will have hair cut remorse.
*i have some big news to share in the upcoming weeks so look out for it.

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  1. I love me some paninis! Have a great week, happy Spring!


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