Thursday, May 30, 2013

{throwback thursday:: my braces nightmare}

yes, that's me on the left with my mouth full of metal

I was one of the unlucky few not born with naturally straight teeth and unfortunately, Einstein has taken after me in the teeth department and will probably be getting braces very soon.
I was eleven years old when I got my braces. And being the strange, unusual child that I was I very excited about it. I used to think braces were "cool". I think the cool factor lasted about a day and then the extreme soreness and sensitivity set in. I was told, I would only have to wear my braces for two, two and half years at the most. Well, those two and half years ended up stretching into five and half years...yes, you read that that right...five and half years...i wore my braces for five and half years and probably would have worn them longer if I never would have gotten my first cavity when I was sixteen.  
In a way I am very thankful that I got that cavity. In fact if it weren't for that itty bitty cavity, I probably would have lost all my molars. You see, in order to fill my cavity my dentist had to remove the band from my molar and when he did, he found that part of my tooth had begun to decay. He was very upset to say the least, he immediately removed the rest of my bands and found that almost all of my molars had begun to decay due to having my braces on for so long and due to my orthodontist's negligence. My dentist was so infuriated by the condition of my teeth ( I basically had molars of a 70 year old) and the negligence of my orthodontist that he demanded my braces be removed the next day. My orthodontist attempted to object, saying my teeth were not completely aligned, but my dentist did not care. He was afraid of what would happen if the braces stayed on and I remained under her care. Needless to say, my braces experience is probably not the norm, but I will say it taught me a very important lesson.
Oh, how I wish Invisalign was around when I got my braces. Because if it was, my molars would have been saved and I would not have had to go through all the complications I have over the last few years. When it's Einstein's time for braces you better believe our first option will be Invisalign...cross my fingers he will be a good candidate.  
Disclaimer: This is a sponsered post; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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