Monday, June 10, 2013


...i've been enjoying my little moring talks with this little lady. she's growing up way too fast and i'm doing my best to soak up this special time we have together before our new little "peanut" joins us in October.
...i've been so tired. this pregnancy is kicking my butt. it would probably help if i went to bed a wee bit earlier.
...the husband and i have been talking baby names. if you know of any good one's, please send them my way. (stay tuned for the gender reveal coming soon)
...i've been dreaming about summer and all the fun things the kids and I are going to do--the beach, museums, swimming, ect.
...i've been counting down the days till i'm finally finshed with school! yes, i graduated, but I still had 2 classes left to complete and then i'm done! woohoo!
...i've been obsessed with Call the Midwife. If you haven't seen it, you must! i've been kinda crushing on english shows ever since Downton Abbey.
...i've been making mental lists of all the things i'm going to get to do once i'm DONE with school. first up on my list, sew, sew, sew my little heart out.
...i've been contemplating opening up another shop and possibly closing down little doe-eyed girl. not sure exactly what i'm going to do yet, so if you think it will you pray for me.
...times have been hard and there were days when I just wanted to cry all day because as the day progressed things just seemed to get worse and worse. i know God is trying to teach me something, obviously, but i must admit i've been a stubborn girl. well, he's got my attention (more on this later)
...i'm being to hit my nesting mode and the fact that this baby is going to be here in just 4 1/2 months is really starting to hit me. 
...i've been gearing up to start potty training my little princess. She seems ready, so please pray for us.
What have you been up to lately? 

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