Wednesday, July 24, 2013


These last two weeks I've been sidelined.
First, I threw my back out and then last week I got sick...neither of which is very fun when nearly 7 months pregnant.
I have so much to many big plans for how I wanted the summer to go. And yet every week that passed things do not seem to go according to plan. Instead of embracing the moment and soaking up these last few months as a momma of two, I sat there complained and threw a pity party for myself.
In the midst of my pity party the husband asked why I was so upset. Rather annoyed, I explained that I had so much to do and instead of getting things done, I was stuck on the couch sick and useless. And that's when he said something rather profound and yet something I definitely did not want to hear. "Maybe God just wants you to rest and enjoy this time before the baby comes."
I sat there in silence, trying to swallow the words I had been running from the last few weeks.
Something I had dreamed about these last few months. The very thing I could not wait to do once I finished school and yet here I was doing everything, but the one thing I had longed for for so long.
So, that night I rested. And the next day I rested some more.
 Once I began to let go of some of my plans and just rest in the Lord I began to feel better.
While I still have a mile long list of things that I need to do, I know that unless I take some time to rest in the Lord anything I plan will not be as successful unless I set and rest in Him.


  1. yay for rest......obviously it's not for the best reason.....but it may have been just what you needed!


  2. Rest is the best! But is sooo hard. I feel lazy when I rest at times. Yet when I do have consistent rest times, I tend to have a more productive day. Have a great day. xo


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