Saturday, August 31, 2013

{how I will be laboring this labor day and no, it's not what you think}

Typically Labor day is supposed to be a day of rest and relaxation from all the "labor" one has endured thus far; however this labor day, d-day (delivery day) preparation day for me. I have still have lots and lots to get done before my dear baby #3 makes his grand appearance and this is just the weekend to get it all done.
my labor day to-do list:
-pack hospital bag
-finish and mail out hospital pre-registration forms
-sew curtains for the kids bathroom
-sew nursing cover
-make a few more burp cloths
-sew/make doll for my little princess
-finish registering for baby #3
-finish re-organizing desk
-sort and organize the little princess clothes
-work on onesies for baby #3
-start cutting fabric for changing table
-start a new book
-iron and fold baby fabric
-do some laundry
-read some magazines
-go to the post office
-work on blog design 
-work on lining the trunk for einstein
-brainstorm future business ventures
-paint my nails
-and a little bit of relaxation
looking at this list, i'm beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed, but I know with a little prayer, some ice water and air conditioning I tackle least half of it.
what are your plans for this holiday weekend?

Friday, August 30, 2013

{i miss wearing real clothes}

I have hit that point in my pregnancy where I'm tired of wearing maternity clothes and all I want is to wear some pants that have a button or zipper instead of 2 inch wide elastic band.
I was in old navy last week and I fell in love with clothes once much so, i briefly considered becoming a fashion blogger. Anyway here are few of the pieces that I fell in love with.




So what do you think???? Aren't these looks cute?!?!?!
for more info on these looks click here.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

{how does $100 gift card sound?}

It's that time again. I have once again teamed with Kimberly of A Night Owl and all her wonderful sponsors to giveaway $100 gift card!!!! Can I get a WooHoo!

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Monday, August 26, 2013

{hello monday::hello to 5th grade}

After a refreshing, family, fun-filled weekend I'm not quite ready to say hello this week and fifth grade. Have you ever had one of those weekends when you have so much fun that you just don't want it to end? We had one of those weekends. Saturday we spent the day at the beach and it was a great family, fun-filled day. There was water, there was sand, there was laughing and most importantly memories were made.
Hello, to another busy/fun-filled week. This week we are savoring the last couple days of summer before school officially starts on Wednesday.
Hello to waking up early, just when I finally got the little Princess used to sleeping in till 10 am.
Hello to getting things done. I feel like I have a never ending to-do list before this baby comes and I'm ready to tackle a good part of it this week.
Hello to school days and football practice once again. I must admit as much I look forward to and enjoy the fall I feel that summer flew by too fast. I'm not completely ready for fall, probably because that means we're even closer to meeting our new little addition and the thought of that scares me like nothing else....can you believe I'm going to be a mommy of three?!?!? I still can't wrap my mind around it.
Hello to fifth grade and feeling old. Wednesday, Einstein starts fifth grade...yes, you read right, I said FIFTH GRADE! I still don't believe it...I just can't believe it...the more it starts to sink in the more I start to feel old. I actually started researching anti-aging creams, as silly as that sounds. One thing you may not know about me is that I'm afraid of getting old and the fact that this week I will officially have a 5th grader makes me feel old...I know, I know this sounds crazy, especially because I'm only 32, *gasp*...but the fact that I will have a fifth grader, means that next year he will be graduating from elementary school...oh my gooddess, this too overwhelming...I think I need to go order some anti-aging face cream.
what are you saying hello to this week?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

{this girl of mine}

oh, this girl of mine...
I waited for her oh, so long...longer than most even realize.
Every morning I wake up to this face, smiling, peering at me high over her crib railing, her loose curls crowding her face, with eyes full of excitement and her arms out anxiously awaiting our morning embrace. I'm greeted with a cheerful "Good morning, Mommy!" Her voice full promise and excitement for the day ahead. I pick her up and she gives me our ritual good morning kiss. Then off to my bed we go where we snuggle and watch a bit of Curious George on my Nook before we face the day ahead. We stay in bed until her little belly gets hungry and she announces, "Breakfast, Mommy, I want ceral please...come on." and she slides off my bed and heads for the door.
She eats the same thing every day, her favorite, Cheerios. She usually eats it with banana and milk, but lately her fruit of choice has been blueberries. And she has must have a cup of milk on the side.  After 2-3 bowls of Cheerios and fully drenched in milk from the waste up, she finally finished and ready for the next task at hand--getting dressed.

Will be continued...

Monday, August 19, 2013

{hello monday:: hello to an adventure packed week}

hello monday and hello to an adventured packed week.
hello to having the boys backed after having them gone 4 days at cubscout camp.
hello to the realization that Einstein will be starting school next, how fast this summer has flown by.
Hello to being 8 months pregnant. This pregnancy has flown by, but feels very long at that same time.
Hello to getting my sew on. I only have a few weeks left and lots of sewing to get done before this little boy makes his appearance.
Hello to a week full of beach days, museums and fun while soaking up the last bits of summer.
Hello to getting my desk, and the rest of the house for that matter, organized because I'm in full blown nesting mode.
Hello to enjoying these last few days of summer and being a mommy of two.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

{my wish list for baby #3}

In 8 weeks or less, my dear little baby #3 will be here...the reality of this fact has hit me hard these last couple days and i've been, not so silently, freaking out. I have absolutely nothing for this little baby except the bassinet and car seat. By the time I was 8 months pregnant with my other two I was all set and ready for baby, this was due in part to some amazing baby showers; unfortunately this is not the case for this dear baby.
And while I am doing my best not to freak out that I have zilch for this baby, I'm doing my best to trust that God has it all figured out. In the mean time, here is my wish list for this wee one.
Graco 2-in-1 Glider Elite Swing
Graco Ready 2 Grow LX Stand & Ride Stroller
Motorola Video Monitor
Bumbo seat cover
Hooded bath towels
Receiving blankets
Baby Blankets
tons and tons of onesies

Monday, August 12, 2013

{hello monday::hello to a super busy week}

After a somewhat productive, relaxing and fun weekend it's monday once again.

hello to a very, very busy week. so much is happening this week. there is lots to do and not much time to do it.
hello to new experiences. the husband and einstein are leaving on thursday for cubscout camp. they will be gone for 4 days and 3 nights. while i'm excited for einstein and all the fun things is going to learn and do and the "manly time" he will spend with the husband; i really do not like the fact that they will be gone so long. i'm not quite sure how the little princess is going to handle the fact that the main men in her life will be shall be interesting to say the least.
hello to second chances. the little princess and I are going to attempt potty training again this week, so please pray for us. I would really, really love to have her potty trained so that come october i will only be changing one person not two. it's a battles of wills with my little princess.
hello to 8 months. I am now officially 8 months pregnant and the fact that this new little one will be here in 8 more weeks or less is terrifying. i am in no way prepared. I have absolutely nothing except for the bassinet--the same bassinet that einstein and the little princess slept in.
hello to the crazy, busy week ahead. while i'm a little aprehensive of all that must get done, i am excited for the new opportunites.
hello to a renewed sense of energy. being pregnant has really started to hit me this last week. here's to hoping i get good sleep and a renewed sense of energy because i'm going to need it.
what are saying hello to today?

Saturday, August 10, 2013

{ i heart makeup::my summer must haves}

It's no secret that I heart makeup. I believe my love for makeup began when I was little girl watching my mom brush on the bright blues and greens across her was the 80's after all. I remember she had this big Tupperware box filled with a myriad of eye shadow palettes ranging from bright blues to hot pinks. So, it's probably no surprise that I have a pretty decent size makeup collection myself.
Here are a few of my current makeup obsessions:

SEPHORA COLLECTION - Colorful Eyeshadow
Girl Talk by Sephora

I love, love, love this shadow. I wear it almost everyday, no lie. It adds just the perfect color and the right amount of glitter without being too overpowering. I seriously get complimented on it every time I wear it.
Benefit Cosmetics - Fake Up Concealer
Fake Up Concealer by Benefit
I am always in search of a concealer that can actually "conceal" my under eye circles. And I had yet to find one that actually did so until I found this one. The thing I like best about this concealer is the vitamin e moisturizer that surrounds the actual concealer. This moisturizer keeps the concealer from causing creases and helps it last all day.
Benefit Cosmetics - High Beam
High Beam by benefit
  This highlighter when paired with the Fake Up concealer seriously lights up my eyes. I add a little dab of this under each eye for the those extra tired days and it gives that fresh bright eyed look I so desperately need.
Infinite Rose Cream Lip Stain by Sephora
This is my go to lip stain. I wear for play dates, meetings with clients, church; I wear it everywhere. It is the perfect shade of subtle, simplicity for an everyday natural look.
Rosebud Perfume Co. - Rosebud Salve
Rosebud Salve by Rosebud Perfume Co.
This is my go to lip balm all year round. I always have one in my purse and one in my night stand. This stuff is seriously amazing. It softens the most severely chapped lips like nothing else. You gotta try it.

So, those are my summer must haves...what are yours?

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

{life lately}

Life lately...

I've been sewing, sewing, and sewing some more doing my best to prep for baby.
We finally hit the beach a couple times. This girl is in love with sand. She loves to roll around in it--she basically becomes one with the sand.
I introduced her to crafting and she fell in love with it. A girl after my own heart. I started Einstien crafting at the same age and he still loves it to this day. We some fun projects planned before school starts so stayed tuned.
Last week we attempted potty training, but it was an utter fail. After two days of accidents and no pee actually making it into the toilet I gave up. Let me tell you this girl is stubborn! She knows what to do, just refuses to do it. We are going to try again next week because this momma is not going to be having double diaper duty come October.
We have been resting, enjoying these last couple months of being a family of four. I woke up on Saturday to find these two relaxing while watching Sofia the Princess. There's no doubt she's a daddy's girl.
How's your life been lately? What are you doing to soak up these last few weeks of summer?

Friday, August 2, 2013

{The List::August edition}

July highlights:
my birthday.

finally receiving my diploma.
beach days.
started sewing for baby #3.
August goals::
-sew changing pad for baby #3
-finish dresser for baby #3
-fix the curtains in my little Princess/nursery
-clean up all the clutter from around the house
-completely reorganize desk
 -back to school shopping for Einstein
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Thursday, August 1, 2013

{nobody puts Baby in the corner:: 5 things I never knew about Patrick Swayze}

Last night I plunked myself on the sofa after a long day of tantrums, fit throwing and a failed potty training attempt, to find one of my favorite movies was on tv-- Dirty Dancing.

When I was a little girl I wanted to be a dancer. So much so that I took dance classes for 8 years straight. Eight years of ballet, tap and jazz--I was serious about my ambition even back then. Unfortunately, due to financial reasons, I had to quit when I was a eleven, but I must say my love of dance has never left me.
Every time I watch Dirty Dancing my love for dance is once again renewed. I mean seriously, who doesn't want to run towards a guy like Patrick Swayze and be lifted into the air triumphal?!?! I know I do.
This movie got me thinking about the man who made Johnny Castle the eternal heart throb with women everywhere. I knew his life was cut tragically short by cancer...i hate cancer by the way, and I knew he was in the movie Point Break but that was it. So, I decided to do a little research--something I do when I fall in love with characters from a movie, yes, I'm a nerd like, I admit it. Anyways, here's what I found.
-He was married to Lisa Niemi for 34 years, up until he died. They first met when was 19 and she was 15 at his mother's dance studio. Sadly, they had no children. I wish they did because I would have to see them dance.
-His mother was Patsy Swayze, a well known dancer and choreographer. It was from her that he inherited is his love of dance.
-He began is dancing career dancing in Disneyland's parades as Prince Charming. Michelle Pfeiffer just happened to be one of the Cinderella's he danced with.
-After he graduated from high school he studied gymstatics for two years.
-He kept acting up until he died. "How do you nurture a positive attitude when all the statistics say you're a dead man? You go to work."
  I will leave with my favorite scene from the movie, the final dance.

What's your favorite 80's movie?


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