Monday, August 26, 2013

{hello monday::hello to 5th grade}

After a refreshing, family, fun-filled weekend I'm not quite ready to say hello this week and fifth grade. Have you ever had one of those weekends when you have so much fun that you just don't want it to end? We had one of those weekends. Saturday we spent the day at the beach and it was a great family, fun-filled day. There was water, there was sand, there was laughing and most importantly memories were made.
Hello, to another busy/fun-filled week. This week we are savoring the last couple days of summer before school officially starts on Wednesday.
Hello to waking up early, just when I finally got the little Princess used to sleeping in till 10 am.
Hello to getting things done. I feel like I have a never ending to-do list before this baby comes and I'm ready to tackle a good part of it this week.
Hello to school days and football practice once again. I must admit as much I look forward to and enjoy the fall I feel that summer flew by too fast. I'm not completely ready for fall, probably because that means we're even closer to meeting our new little addition and the thought of that scares me like nothing else....can you believe I'm going to be a mommy of three?!?!? I still can't wrap my mind around it.
Hello to fifth grade and feeling old. Wednesday, Einstein starts fifth grade...yes, you read right, I said FIFTH GRADE! I still don't believe it...I just can't believe it...the more it starts to sink in the more I start to feel old. I actually started researching anti-aging creams, as silly as that sounds. One thing you may not know about me is that I'm afraid of getting old and the fact that this week I will officially have a 5th grader makes me feel old...I know, I know this sounds crazy, especially because I'm only 32, *gasp*...but the fact that I will have a fifth grader, means that next year he will be graduating from elementary school...oh my gooddess, this too overwhelming...I think I need to go order some anti-aging face cream.
what are you saying hello to this week?

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