Monday, August 12, 2013

{hello monday::hello to a super busy week}

After a somewhat productive, relaxing and fun weekend it's monday once again.

hello to a very, very busy week. so much is happening this week. there is lots to do and not much time to do it.
hello to new experiences. the husband and einstein are leaving on thursday for cubscout camp. they will be gone for 4 days and 3 nights. while i'm excited for einstein and all the fun things is going to learn and do and the "manly time" he will spend with the husband; i really do not like the fact that they will be gone so long. i'm not quite sure how the little princess is going to handle the fact that the main men in her life will be shall be interesting to say the least.
hello to second chances. the little princess and I are going to attempt potty training again this week, so please pray for us. I would really, really love to have her potty trained so that come october i will only be changing one person not two. it's a battles of wills with my little princess.
hello to 8 months. I am now officially 8 months pregnant and the fact that this new little one will be here in 8 more weeks or less is terrifying. i am in no way prepared. I have absolutely nothing except for the bassinet--the same bassinet that einstein and the little princess slept in.
hello to the crazy, busy week ahead. while i'm a little aprehensive of all that must get done, i am excited for the new opportunites.
hello to a renewed sense of energy. being pregnant has really started to hit me this last week. here's to hoping i get good sleep and a renewed sense of energy because i'm going to need it.
what are saying hello to today?

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