Saturday, August 31, 2013

{how I will be laboring this labor day and no, it's not what you think}

Typically Labor day is supposed to be a day of rest and relaxation from all the "labor" one has endured thus far; however this labor day, d-day (delivery day) preparation day for me. I have still have lots and lots to get done before my dear baby #3 makes his grand appearance and this is just the weekend to get it all done.
my labor day to-do list:
-pack hospital bag
-finish and mail out hospital pre-registration forms
-sew curtains for the kids bathroom
-sew nursing cover
-make a few more burp cloths
-sew/make doll for my little princess
-finish registering for baby #3
-finish re-organizing desk
-sort and organize the little princess clothes
-work on onesies for baby #3
-start cutting fabric for changing table
-start a new book
-iron and fold baby fabric
-do some laundry
-read some magazines
-go to the post office
-work on blog design 
-work on lining the trunk for einstein
-brainstorm future business ventures
-paint my nails
-and a little bit of relaxation
looking at this list, i'm beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed, but I know with a little prayer, some ice water and air conditioning I tackle least half of it.
what are your plans for this holiday weekend?

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  1. Oh, I do hope you go into labor on Labor Day! That would be too perfect :) I am taking a break from law school and watching some mindless TV! Peeeerfect...


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