Tuesday, August 6, 2013

{life lately}

Life lately...

I've been sewing, sewing, and sewing some more doing my best to prep for baby.
We finally hit the beach a couple times. This girl is in love with sand. She loves to roll around in it--she basically becomes one with the sand.
I introduced her to crafting and she fell in love with it. A girl after my own heart. I started Einstien crafting at the same age and he still loves it to this day. We some fun projects planned before school starts so stayed tuned.
Last week we attempted potty training, but it was an utter fail. After two days of accidents and no pee actually making it into the toilet I gave up. Let me tell you this girl is stubborn! She knows what to do, just refuses to do it. We are going to try again next week because this momma is not going to be having double diaper duty come October.
We have been resting, enjoying these last couple months of being a family of four. I woke up on Saturday to find these two relaxing while watching Sofia the Princess. There's no doubt she's a daddy's girl.
How's your life been lately? What are you doing to soak up these last few weeks of summer?

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  1. you always inspire me to do more!! i still have the sewing itch i need to scratch!!! i've been sooo tempted to buy the machine you recommended me but i have to be patient until we find somewhere bigger to live... (no room AT ALL in our cozy nest!)
    I'm introducing Daniela early to the potty just so that when the time comes to get down to business she is already familiar with her mickey mouse potty i bought for her yesterday. i've heard from too many experienced moms, including your own story, of how difficult it's been so i thought i would have her meet mickey, her potty trainer :) sooner rather than later.


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