Wednesday, August 21, 2013

{this girl of mine}

oh, this girl of mine...
I waited for her oh, so long...longer than most even realize.
Every morning I wake up to this face, smiling, peering at me high over her crib railing, her loose curls crowding her face, with eyes full of excitement and her arms out anxiously awaiting our morning embrace. I'm greeted with a cheerful "Good morning, Mommy!" Her voice full promise and excitement for the day ahead. I pick her up and she gives me our ritual good morning kiss. Then off to my bed we go where we snuggle and watch a bit of Curious George on my Nook before we face the day ahead. We stay in bed until her little belly gets hungry and she announces, "Breakfast, Mommy, I want ceral please...come on." and she slides off my bed and heads for the door.
She eats the same thing every day, her favorite, Cheerios. She usually eats it with banana and milk, but lately her fruit of choice has been blueberries. And she has must have a cup of milk on the side.  After 2-3 bowls of Cheerios and fully drenched in milk from the waste up, she finally finished and ready for the next task at hand--getting dressed.

Will be continued...

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