Monday, November 11, 2013

{hello monday::hello to plans and possibilities}

hello Monday and hello to a new week full of plans and possibilities.
I have a lot planned for this week with means lots and lots of coffee.
hello to making new memories with this girl. I am trying to rework our daily routine to include more adventures and fun times for this girl...she's at such a fun age and I just want to soak up this time together.
hello to more family fun time with these three. we are adjusting to being a family of 5 now...we finding news ways to all fun together.
hello to reading and writing again. it's time to get back to writing again. I haven't written since I graduated {except for writing here, of course}. If I want to go to grad school next year and attempt to make a living at writing then I get back to it. And to be a good writer I need to be a good reader; so I thought this book would be the perfect book to jump back into the game with.
hello to enjoying the simple, impromptu family times. having this baby has taught me and showed me so much one of which is to soak up the impromptu and simple times of life.
what are saying "hello" to this week?

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