Friday, December 27, 2013

{Winter, California style}

The weather here has been a bit crazy to say the least. ... but that's southern California for you. The entire week it's been in the 80's.And at first I was upset that we were having a warm Christmas but it's actually been very nice . Sometimes you have to look past the ordinary to see the beauty.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Monday, December 16, 2013

{hello monday::goodbye germs}

hello to a new week and hello to fewer germs....last Monday I started off with week with the worst stomach flu ever, which then turned into a horrible cold, courtesy of my little princess. To make matters worse, as the week progressed so did the germs. By Friday all of us had a cold, including my little baby boy. It has been a rough couple of days to say the least. And the last few nights, my dear baby boy has decided that he does not want to go to sleep until  after 4am. So, it's been difficult trying to rid myself of this cold.
Hello to getting some sleep. I am hoping and praying that I can get some sleep this week. I'm exhausted.
Hello to gearing up for Christmas. This week is filled with Christmas parties, plays and shopping. I have to get two weeks worth of stuff done all this week...pray for me. 
Hello to God's abounding love and mercy which is new every morning. I have always struggled with being loved. I do not feel I am worthy of someone's love and affection, let alone the Creator of the Universe. However, these has few months God has been showing me how much He loves little me ol' me despite my mistakes and struggles.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

{finding the beauty in chaos}

life has been crazy and full of chaos to say the least. we are still trying to get into the groove of being a family of five. and just when I think we've got it down, everything breaks down into chaos.
Now if you know me, you would know that I do not do well in chaos. in fact, if chaos was walking down the street I would turn and run the other way. Well these past few months I've been forced to face chaos head on. And I must admit, I ran or tried too at least. There have been fountains of tears, throwing up my hands and asking God "Why?"
I was letting the chaos and busyness of everyday life overtake and overwhelm me. I was losing my focus. I was focusing on everything that was falling apart around me instead of focus on the little victories that were popping up here and there. One particular day, I was knee deep in the trenches of defeat. I was racing around trying to get dressed while bouncing around a cranky. I threw on some clothes--a simple t-shirt and jeans, but a definite step up from the yoga pant streak I had been on the previous four days. My hair was a mess. I had my glasses on. I had dark rings around my eyes from being to too tired to wash the make up off my face the night before. I walked into my daughter's room to get her dressed when she looked up at me and told said "You look pretty, Mommy. I like your pants." I kneeled down, and enveloped my little girl in my arms. I felt my eyes flood with tears as I looked into her sweet little face. She saw what I couldn't see. All I saw was the mountains of laundry, the sink full of dirty dishes and worn out , tired reflection in the mirror. She saw my beauty in the midst of all the chaos.
She opened my eyes to the bits of beauty around me...she taught me how to find the beauty in all the chaos that may surround me.


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