Thursday, January 30, 2014

{fear was my best friend}

fear was my best friend.
fear has followed me every step of my life. fear has been there during the good times and the bad. fear was my best friend. it has been there when no one else was. it "helped" me make decisions. it was my cheerleader when I needed some support. fear encouraged me to build gave me the plans and helped me stack the bricks to shut out everyone else so that I was only dependent upon it.
fear was my best friend. 
Instead of listening to God, I listen to fear. I listened to the whispers of fear's misguided advice. I allowed fear to take my hand and lead me down the path of misfortune. a path is full of mistakes that only leads to hurt and heartache.
fear almost did me in. fear, with it's seductive, problem solving voice whispered in my ear and once again I listened, like a lamb to the slaughter. something was different this time. this time more was at stake. but fear told me not to worry about that.. it told not fret about the future, but to stay focused on the hear and now. and so I did. I did not see how fear was blinding me. I did not notice how had bound with shackles and thrown me into the sea of despair and hopelessness until I was drowning and gasping for air to breath.
when I needed help, when I needed someone to give me a hand to keep me from drowning, fear was no where to be found, but God was. God stretched out his hand and pulled out of the sea despair. He broke off the shackles of fear. He took of my hopelessness and clothed me with love and forgiveness. He carried me down the path of hope while I feed on His grace and mercy. He strengthened my heart with his truth. He became my best friend and He still is.

Monday, January 27, 2014

{hello monday::hello crazy, busy week}

Hello Monday.
Hello to a crazy, busy week. This week will be filled with lots of comings, goings, meetings, mile long to-do lists, sewing and much, much more.
Hello to a new schedule and getting things done.
Hello to an attempt at meal planning for the entire week...yikes!
Hello to getting things done and not fretting at the things still left to do.
Hello to new opportunities and stepping into uncharted waters.
Hello to new changes and not letting my emotions dictate how I deal with them.
Hello to using my time wisely and not getting derailed by little obstacles that may get in the way.
Hello to week 2 of this great bible study that been opening my heart and mind in new ways.
Hello to choosing joy when I would rather sit and sulk.
Hello to seeing the beauty amongst the chaos.

Friday, January 24, 2014

{bath tub shenanigans}

This little guy loves his bath time . As soon as he touches the water he screams out in glee. Hisface lightsup andhis little personality comes alive and that's when the faces begin.

...Just a little something to make you smile.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


it's been tank top and flip flop weather as of late...if you looked around, you would have no idea that we are in the dead of winter--that's southern California for you.
this weather makes me want to curl up in a hammock with a good book and daydream the afternoon away. so, I've been inspired to make a little hammock nook in my backyard. I'm not sure how or where, but here are some daydream worthy hammocks that have inspired me.
Cuddle Me Cozy
looks lovely !
I would love this, even just the fairy lights!
don't you want to get lost in one of these hammocks and daydream away?
you can find more daydream worthy hammocks here.


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

{five minute friday::encouragement}

once again I'm teaming up with Lisa Jo for 5 minute Friday.

some live for it.
some cannot live without it.
some are born to give it.
some need to hear it.
it's gets through a hard day.
it lifts you up when your down.
it helps you move forward when all you want to do is go back.
it gives you hope.
it opens your eyes to the beauty around you.
 it gives you the courage to make a leap.
it breathes life.

Friday, January 10, 2014

{A glimpse of our Christmas}

Christmas was a blast!

From watching my little Princess open each and every present with anticipation and glee to seeing everyone fawn over our new little guy, I could not be anything, but filled with joy.

There were some tears when our little Princess was informed not every present was for her; however all in all we had a great time celebrating Christmas with our new little guy. The day was filled with laughter,  joy, and memories, but most importantly thankfulness that we had another year to celebrate the birth of our Savior.

Monday, January 6, 2014

{goodbye 2013, it's been a bittersweet roller coaster ride, Hello 2014}

Goodbye's been a bittersweet roller coaster ride.
 a lot happened in 2013:
. I found out I was pregnant with baby #3
. I graduated with my degree in creative writing
. I went to boston and New Hampshire
. I fell in love with Boston
. I had baby #3 via c-section
. started a small business
. made some awesome friends
.made some very big mistakes
.cried...a lot
.learned a lot
.loved a lot
.I saw sides of God that I had never seen before
. laughed a lot
. finally realized that I'm a writer
. dreamed a lot
. loved a lot
Goodbye 2013, it's been a bittersweet roller coaster are not what I planned, but I learned a lot of from you and for that I am thankful.  hello 2014 you're so full of possibility.
hello 2014, you're a nice clean slate...I've got big plans and lots of hope for you:
. I want to learn more
. I want to be more organized and get more things done
. I want to build my business
.I want to open an etsy  shop
. I want to cook more and sew more
. I want to drink in every day
. I want to live life to the fullest
. I want God and all His goodness and love to flow out of my pores
. I want to hear God's voice more
. I want God to use me in ways I've only imagined
. I want my family to grow closer and to love each other more everyday
. I want to overflow my children in God's love, grace and mercy
. I want to draw closer to God
. I want to make wise choices based on God, not fear
. I don't want to let fear run my life and guide my decisions
. I want to make a difference
. I want to be God's love personified
. I want to get things done, make progress towards my goals
. I want to lose 75 lbs
. I want to go on adventures and make memories
. I want to make tons of unforgettable memories with my children
. I want to laugh more and cry less
. I want to fully accepts God's love, grace and mercy and give it out to others in return.
How are you saying goodbye to 2013 and hello to 2014?

Saturday, January 4, 2014

{five minute friday::fight}

it's a new year, a time to try new things...first up on my list, 5 minute Friday with the gypsymama.

this week's prompt::fight

fight...I must be honest, at first glance this prompt threw me for a loop...fight, what kind of prompt is that? but, after a few minutes of contemplation it's the perfect prompt for me, especially right now.
the last few weeks have been tough...they have been a fight. a fight to go to sleep, a fight to get the kids to listen, a fight to get out of bed, a fight to not get frustrated, a fight to be nice...and I can go on and on. the one thing I noticed, or rather, God showed me not so bluntly, is my fight to keep everything under control. to be honest, before this I never realized what a control freak I was...seriously though, I considered myself as a non-control freak...I envisioned myself as one of those "go with the flow" types (cue in the laughing now). recently something happened that was out of my control and there is absolutely nothing I can do to fix it. I have to fight every impulse to fix it, because simply put, there is nothing I can do to fix it. God has been revealing a lot to me these last few months...things in my life that I need to change, but in usual Monique fashion, I fought it. I didn't want to face it. it was easier to fight than to face the true of the matter. I didn't realize this until one day when I was fighting with Einstein. we were going back and forth about him not listening, a daily discussion around these parts, when out of frustration I blurted out, "Why don't you just work with me instead of always arguing with me. I'm here to help you, not fight with you." It was then that it hit me. how many times has God told me the same thing. How many times has he told me something and it wasn't what I wanted to hear at that moment so I ignored Him? how many times has God put me in the same situations over and over again, but instead of seeing what He is trying to teach me, I fight it. I fight His help, I fight the change, I fight the unknown, I fight Him. 
You know what? I'm tired of fighting. So, now, going forward I resolve to take my own advice and not fight. I don't need to fight  anymore because He has already done all the fighting for me.


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