Thursday, January 30, 2014

{fear was my best friend}

fear was my best friend.
fear has followed me every step of my life. fear has been there during the good times and the bad. fear was my best friend. it has been there when no one else was. it "helped" me make decisions. it was my cheerleader when I needed some support. fear encouraged me to build gave me the plans and helped me stack the bricks to shut out everyone else so that I was only dependent upon it.
fear was my best friend. 
Instead of listening to God, I listen to fear. I listened to the whispers of fear's misguided advice. I allowed fear to take my hand and lead me down the path of misfortune. a path is full of mistakes that only leads to hurt and heartache.
fear almost did me in. fear, with it's seductive, problem solving voice whispered in my ear and once again I listened, like a lamb to the slaughter. something was different this time. this time more was at stake. but fear told me not to worry about that.. it told not fret about the future, but to stay focused on the hear and now. and so I did. I did not see how fear was blinding me. I did not notice how had bound with shackles and thrown me into the sea of despair and hopelessness until I was drowning and gasping for air to breath.
when I needed help, when I needed someone to give me a hand to keep me from drowning, fear was no where to be found, but God was. God stretched out his hand and pulled out of the sea despair. He broke off the shackles of fear. He took of my hopelessness and clothed me with love and forgiveness. He carried me down the path of hope while I feed on His grace and mercy. He strengthened my heart with his truth. He became my best friend and He still is.

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  1. Giving fear a kick in the face!!!! :)
    Lovely post! This world can suck us in and deplete us of courage, but I'm so glad that in the midst of it all God's grace and love rescues us.

    Kendwy @ MindofKiwi


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