Saturday, January 4, 2014

{five minute friday::fight}

it's a new year, a time to try new things...first up on my list, 5 minute Friday with the gypsymama.

this week's prompt::fight

fight...I must be honest, at first glance this prompt threw me for a loop...fight, what kind of prompt is that? but, after a few minutes of contemplation it's the perfect prompt for me, especially right now.
the last few weeks have been tough...they have been a fight. a fight to go to sleep, a fight to get the kids to listen, a fight to get out of bed, a fight to not get frustrated, a fight to be nice...and I can go on and on. the one thing I noticed, or rather, God showed me not so bluntly, is my fight to keep everything under control. to be honest, before this I never realized what a control freak I was...seriously though, I considered myself as a non-control freak...I envisioned myself as one of those "go with the flow" types (cue in the laughing now). recently something happened that was out of my control and there is absolutely nothing I can do to fix it. I have to fight every impulse to fix it, because simply put, there is nothing I can do to fix it. God has been revealing a lot to me these last few months...things in my life that I need to change, but in usual Monique fashion, I fought it. I didn't want to face it. it was easier to fight than to face the true of the matter. I didn't realize this until one day when I was fighting with Einstein. we were going back and forth about him not listening, a daily discussion around these parts, when out of frustration I blurted out, "Why don't you just work with me instead of always arguing with me. I'm here to help you, not fight with you." It was then that it hit me. how many times has God told me the same thing. How many times has he told me something and it wasn't what I wanted to hear at that moment so I ignored Him? how many times has God put me in the same situations over and over again, but instead of seeing what He is trying to teach me, I fight it. I fight His help, I fight the change, I fight the unknown, I fight Him. 
You know what? I'm tired of fighting. So, now, going forward I resolve to take my own advice and not fight. I don't need to fight  anymore because He has already done all the fighting for me.


  1. WOW!!! What a great post! I struggle with this everyday with my kids, they are 12 and 8, and the fighting will probably rear it's ugly head again when school starts back on Monday, but I'm going to be determined not to get it happen. I'm actually about to go on a 21 day fast through my church (it's called 21 days of prayer) and I'm fasting social media and games on my phone that I love and focusing on my family and getting things organized and in some kind of order. Thanks for posting this! Hope you come by and visit my blog sometime! Have a great weekend!

  2. Love it! I too fight with God. It's so funny that we fight Grace and Love itself, but I do it too all the time. Together let's fight the urge to fight God and surrender to Him! So glad you wrote today!

  3. Hi Monique, I'm visiting from Five Minute Friday! It was a good prompt, wasn't it? Thank you for sharing your heart and your struggles to give up control. I think this will be a battle for most of us the rest of our lives, but God is faithful and He promises to fight for us if we only be still (if you have the time, read what I posted on FMF. I think it might be a blessing to you). That is my prayer this new year... spending more time being still and less time fighting. Peace and Joy to you today.


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