Monday, January 27, 2014

{hello monday::hello crazy, busy week}

Hello Monday.
Hello to a crazy, busy week. This week will be filled with lots of comings, goings, meetings, mile long to-do lists, sewing and much, much more.
Hello to a new schedule and getting things done.
Hello to an attempt at meal planning for the entire week...yikes!
Hello to getting things done and not fretting at the things still left to do.
Hello to new opportunities and stepping into uncharted waters.
Hello to new changes and not letting my emotions dictate how I deal with them.
Hello to using my time wisely and not getting derailed by little obstacles that may get in the way.
Hello to week 2 of this great bible study that been opening my heart and mind in new ways.
Hello to choosing joy when I would rather sit and sulk.
Hello to seeing the beauty amongst the chaos.

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