Monday, March 31, 2014

{hello monday::back to basics}

life these days feels like a never ending chaos. some days I feel like I barely make it through the day by the skin of teeth. by the end of the day I sit on the sofa exhausted and not able to move, not because I ran 5 miles, but because emotional toll of the days has left exhausted. can I tell you something, I hate that feeling. I hate ending the day feeling like I barely made it through. I detest looking at my planner at the end of the day and seeing blank check boxes out number the checked. I loathe writing the same thing on my to-do list 4 times in a row because I never seem to have time to get it done. i want to make more out of my days. so going back to the basics.
so hello Monday, hello to a new week. hello to new possibilities and new chances. hello to striping everything way and getting back to the basics. hello to the simple and right now moments. hello to a new day and a new month. hello to a new day, a new week, with no mistakes in it. hello Monday.

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