Wednesday, March 19, 2014

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life has been very interesting...there have been ups and there have been downs and thankfully there have been short plains of brief serenity.
there have been good days, where from the moment I get up, everything just goes along swimmingly and then there are those know the ones where the kids do the exact opposite of what you say and the bad news just increases with every ring of the phone. those days where you're scrounging through cabinets looking for left over Christmas candy and all you can find is some no name itty bitty chocolate santa. those days where you tell the kids you will be right back, you just have face your face real quick, but really you just do a quick ugly cry in the bathroom. well, those have been my days, more often than I would like to admit.   
and on those very desperate days when all I wanted to do was just crawl into bed and the pull the covers over my head, I heard His still, small voice say, "I Love you." Those 3 little words were all I needed to hear. Those 3 little words unleashed the floodgates and I poured my heart out to my Savior, my Creator, my Best Friend. He fills me with just what I need to get through the rest of day. He fills me with a hope that things will get better. He pours His love over me and lets me know I'm not alone. He lets me know there will be good days and there will be bad's all just a part of real life.

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