Tuesday, June 17, 2014

{rest is for the strong}

When you've been away from something for awhile it's hard to come back.
You may have noticed I took a little blogging break. It may have not been a planned break, but it was a much needed break.
I had a lot going on I was drowning in work, mommy stuff, friend stuff, health stuff, family stuff and on top of it all I was battling with my asthma (or so I thought at that the time). 
I felt like all these things were piling up...and the pile was getting higher and higher to the point where this pile felt like I was a little mouse staring up at a gigantic skyscraper beside me.
after a while I began to notice the foundation of my skyscraper begin to crack. but being me, I ignored it and kept trudging on day after day until the foundation became so unsettled that my gigantic skyscraper started to sway and within a few days it fell to pieces and I found myself in the hospital with a crazy illness that normally effects senior citizens, not 32 year old mothers.
what I needed was rest.
I was put in a situation that forced me to rest.
what I was trying to avoid was rest.
somehow I had convinced myself that I didn't need rest and that rest was for weak. 
now there are no more late nights till 4am. instead, now I have to take a nap every day, just to get through the day. if I don't I'm in bed by 10am. 

rest is a good thing.

rest is for the strong.

rest in where we come and give God all our cares.

rest is good.

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