Wednesday, July 23, 2014

{she loves like an oreo}

I love this girl.
This girl loves her older brother like an oreo loves milk.
She loves to try on all this sports equipment and pretend to play like him.
From the time she was 2 weeks old, she has gone to almost all of his soccer, basketball, football and baseballs games. 
She begs to go to practice with him and cries when I say "no".
She loves him.
As soon as the game is over, she is the first on the field, running toward him with arms wide open, smiling ear to ear. He picks her up and swings her around.
They love each other.
There maybe 8 years between them, but their love for each other transcends time.

Monday, July 21, 2014

{the doggie in the window}

It can be difficult finding fun activities  that appeal to an 11 year old, 3 year old and 9 month old. Most times I am stuck see sawing between the kids--the morning will be spent catering to the little ones, while the afternoon will be dedicated to my oldest. This see sawing back and forth can be trying and tiring.  So, when I find something that appeals to all three of them I feel like I hit the jackpot!

Last week we hit our local pet store and it was a home run. When Einstein found out we were heading to the pet store he was less than thrilled. But when it was time to leave he was the one that was dragging his feet and begged for 5 more minutes. All three of them were memorized by the dogs in the doggy day camp and I left contemplating adding some hermit crabs to the family.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

{teaparties= a rite of passage for little girls}

this past weekend my little princess and I attended a tea party in celebration of my cousin's new baby. I originally did not plan on bringing my little princess along, but after some prompting from my family, I decided it might be fun to bring her along.
We feasted on fresh fruit, scones, various little sandwiches and of course, tea, I had coffee. I watched as my girl's eyes open in wonder with each course that brought to us. I watched as she sweetly sipped sparkling lemonade from a green stripped paper straw. I sat in awe as she gingerly picked up her jelly topped scone and took bite. And when she picked up her teacup with two hands to take a sip I about nearly died from the cuteness overload.
it was then, as i sat there in awe of my little princess i realized how my zealous attitude could perhaps be causing me to miss the little moments like these. as much as i do not want her to grow up, she is and instead of fighting it i need to embrace with my arms wide open. this tea party was just what we needed--i needed to see the beauty in growing up and she needed to experience a important rite of passage--the tea party.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

{summer is not summer till you hit the beach}


summer is not summer till you the beach and so hit the beach we did!
last year we only had one family beach day...yes, I said one! I was determined to not let that happen again next this year. Despite the holiday weekend and the feared crowded beaches we set out to the beach, later than planned with a few hiccups on the way--such as, needing gas, forgetting the baby's formula and a few tears here and there. But alas, after a 30 minute drive and 20 minutes spent looking for a parking, we finally made it. the weather was perfect, the water was warm, and the sand was scalding hot, but we didn't care, we were at the beach--all five of us were finally at the beach. 
I was a little leery bringing the baby to the beach, but he fell in love with it. looks like I might have a little surfer dude after all! we spent the afternoon laughing, playing in the sand, splashing in the water and snacking on some grub. all in all it was a great family day--memories were made, loads of fun were had and we left with happiness in our hearts.   

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

{birthday dr.seuss style::green eggs and ham}

In celebration of turning 33 today...gasp...I thought I'd share with you my sweet girl's 3rd birthday party.
Ironically, this sweet girl who is extremely obsessed with Frozen, chose to follow her bookish side and opted for a "Green Eggs and Ham" birthday party. Despite not receiving everything I needed to pull off the "Green Egg and Ham" theme everyone had fun, most importantly the birthday girl.
We feasted on green deviled eggs and ham, along with some macaroni salad, bright blue ambrosia and blueberry lemonade. We finished off with some green velvet cupcakes topped off with orange tinted cream cheese frosting...yum!


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