Tuesday, July 15, 2014

{teaparties= a rite of passage for little girls}

this past weekend my little princess and I attended a tea party in celebration of my cousin's new baby. I originally did not plan on bringing my little princess along, but after some prompting from my family, I decided it might be fun to bring her along.
We feasted on fresh fruit, scones, various little sandwiches and of course, tea, I had coffee. I watched as my girl's eyes open in wonder with each course that brought to us. I watched as she sweetly sipped sparkling lemonade from a green stripped paper straw. I sat in awe as she gingerly picked up her jelly topped scone and took bite. And when she picked up her teacup with two hands to take a sip I about nearly died from the cuteness overload.
it was then, as i sat there in awe of my little princess i realized how my zealous attitude could perhaps be causing me to miss the little moments like these. as much as i do not want her to grow up, she is and instead of fighting it i need to embrace with my arms wide open. this tea party was just what we needed--i needed to see the beauty in growing up and she needed to experience a important rite of passage--the tea party.

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