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{33 things I've learned In my 33 years}

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Birthday's have always been a big thing for me. Birthdays means lots of cake and ice cream and to be treated like royalty--it's your day. Birthday's come but once a year so it's best (and advised) to go all out. 
As I've gotten older, I've done a lot of reflecting on life past and life yet to come. These last few years it feels as if birthday's are coming along faster and faster as each year passes--it can be a little never racking.
I was inspired by Anne of Modern Mrs. Darcy to reflect and list a few of the things I've learned in my short 33 years. So, here are the :
33 things I've learned in 33 years

1. More times than not the grass is not greener on the other side.
2. There is something to be said about hot chocolate on a chilly day.
3. Pregnancy can be beautiful and fun, but it can be tiring, rough and ugly...your body is producing another human being, so just relax and enjoy it.
4. There is nothing more amazing than a little human calling you "mommy".
5. Tomorrow is promised to no one, so read that extra book or jump in the trampoline for 5 more minutes.
6. Salt and pepper can do some amazing things for food.
7. Cookies and milk will be always be comforting no matter how old you are.
8. All kids throw tantrums, it's just a part of life.
9. Birthdays only come once a year, so go big and celebrate like it's 1999.
10. Suburban life is nice, but there is something special about small town living.
11. There is nothing like the smell of an old book from the library.
12. Always wear your retainer for as long as you live.
13. A manicure is fine once in awhile, it's better to do it yourself and splurge on a pedicure.
14. "Surprise" babies are very special.
15. Coffee is good any time of the day.
16. There is nothing quite like the sound of the waves crashing on the sand.
17. It's true, all you need is love.
18. A hand written note will always be a blessing to the receiver.
19. Always try something new.
20.  Take lots and lots of pictures; you can't remember everything.
21. A cowboy ribeye is possibly the best steak you will ever eat!
22. You can never have too many books.
23. Always trust your gut, because most times it's right.
24. It's ok to the read the book after the movie.
25. Never give up on your's never too late chase after them and make them happen.,
26. Always say I love you.
27. On "ugly" days, some earrings and a little bit of lipstick can go a long way.
28. Always stop and smell the flowers.
29. It's ok to forgo life for an afternoon and do nothing but listen to records.
30. It's easy to put things off for tomorrow, but tomorrow is promised to no one...make every moment count.
31. Money comes and goes, so don't count on it.
32. Never take your kids for granted...they grow up in the blink of an eye.
33. True love only comes around once; so once you have it, fight like hell to keep it.
What are some things you've learned over the years?


  1. Great list! Definitely always trust your gut! I learned that the hard way too many times.

  2. 1. It looks greener from here but when you get there it's always greener back where you came from.
    2. It sort of warms the soul - and your insides! My favourite is white hot chocolate with strawberry syrup (like the hazelnut one you might have in a coffee) but you can only get it at one coffee shop (or at least one that I've found)
    3. I agree pregnancy can be beautiful and fun but is exhausting - I started contractions on the Saturday and they continued on and off until the Wednesday when I went to the hospital to be told that yes I was in labour but baby was breech and I had the choice to either attempt natural delivery or go for a Caesarian. I enjoyed it up to the Sunday when I'd been up nearly all night with contractions and hadn't got anywhere :(
    4. It's a little soon for Jaxon to be calling me Mum but sometimes my foster son calls me it by mistake (and in his phone I am Mummy 2 because it saves explaining who I am in relation to him)
    5. I love our trampoline but I've not been on it since last summer and at the moment I don't think I'll get on it until next summer.
    7. I think cookies and milk are a real US thing. I couldn't think of an English alternative.
    9. I love birthdays. I really do!! My husband's family don't make a big deal about them so for the first few married birthdays it took a lot of training for my husband to realise that he couldn't just skip over mine and I wouldn't skip over his.
    11. I love books full stop

  3. As an author, I 100% agree with #22. There's no such thing as too many of them.


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