Monday, August 25, 2014

{hello Monday:: hello new beginnings}

hello Monday!
hello to a new school year! Tomorrow Shane starts the sixth grade! Yikes, I feel old! it's crazy to think that I have a sixth grader! time has flown by.
hello to our crazy, busy schedule. with the new school year means football and boy scouts once again. as crazy and hectic it may get, I still love it. this is my job, this is my calling, this is right where I am supposed to be. If it means staying up late to work so I can have the privilege of dropping off  and picking up my son from school every day, then so be it. I love being a WAHM!
hello to menu planning. I've been wanting to do this for forever, but things or life always got in the way. but with three kids, and our busy schedule I can't put it off any more. so long late night 7pm or 8pm dinners, hello to eating at 6pm.
hello to going to bed early. school's back in session which means, goodbye 930pm bedtimes, hello 830pm bedtime. I'm going to try to go to bed early too--gasp, I know--but this momma needs her sleep.
hello to starting a new schedule. one of my goals this school year is to start a new schedule and stick to it. it can be tiring running around without a complete plan and with three kids there are only a few things I can still get away with.
hello Monday, hello new beginnings!
Through the Lord's mercies we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning; great is thy faithfulness." ~Lamentations 3:22-23


  1. I love this. I have a 6th grader this year too. We'll be walking through his school on Wednesday to ease any last minute jitters. Meal planning is also such a good idea. I'm having a hard time embracing it also... maybe that's something I should move up on my list.

  2. We are struggling a little with the new school schedule here! Good luck!

  3. My foster son goes back to school in about two weeks - I have to really get myself organised when it comes to school uniform. I'm waiting for some bits to arrive but I think the trip we need to do sooner rather than later is for school trousers. I'm working on being a WAHM but there's no rush as I'm still on maternity leave for the time being,

  4. Good luck with all of your new beginnings! They are great ones!

  5. I always think of school years as a start of the new year! I think about it as a reclaiming of the january goals and what ever you want to start fresh! Reading this post made me feel like i wasn't the only one that start making new goals for myself with the new year! Please share how you went about meal planning in a tutorial. I have always thought that an art!

  6. An early bedtime is the only way I get through the day. Maybe not as early as I'd like, but I'm usually yawning around 8/9pm ;) And menu planning helps make life so much easier!

  7. Going to bed early is no fun! I am a total night person and always struggle with it, no matter how tired I am. There is just so much to do and I always want to finish everything before I go to bed!

  8. Good luck with the new schedule! And good luck with the menu planning - I would be lost if I didn't plan our meals every week, and I don't even have any kids!

  9. I love the feeling of the beginning of the school year and finding a new groove. Hope h had a great first day of school!


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