Thursday, September 11, 2014

{a peak into my nook}

 when e-readers first came out I was vehemently against them. I trash talked them like they were a rival football team. whenever I would see someone with one I would shake my head in disgust and shame. however, it did not take long before I jumped one the e-reader wagon and I had to eat my words.
now, I don't have a kindle, the fan favorite, but rather a nook, the e-reader by Barnes and noble. there are several reasons why I choose the nook over the kindle, one of which was the option of an expandable memory, but mostly because I preferred the set up and ease of reading...personal preference.
as a loyal, slightly obsessive bookophile, I originally decided to only use my nook for books I wouldn't want on my bookshelf for all to see, like chick lit (ie, Nicholas sparks and jody hedlund). but soon my nook became filled with all kinds of books spanning all genres--mostly because nook books are cheaper and that way my husband can't complain about the piles of books around the house. ok, let's be honest, there are still piles of books around the house, they are just not as tall.  
anyways I thought I would start a new feature called "Peak into my NOok" where I will give you a little peak into what I've been reading--the good, the bad and the I didn't-hate-it-but-I-didn't-like-it. 
tomorrow I will start my first segment, so stay tuned.
do you have an e-reader? if so, which one? 


  1. I have a nook and the kindle app on my ipad, plus like 30 actual books in my stash right now!

  2. I'm old fashioned and still read paper books.:)

  3. I pretty much only read on my iPad now even though I thought I'd never really get into it. Love the feature idea!

  4. I have the nook color and I love it! It's old and slow, but it still lets me read my books.


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