Saturday, December 27, 2014

{Christmas isn't about me}

This post was supposed to be about everything that went wrong with I did not get my baking done; or how plans changed; or how my little princess threw up 5 times, yes, I said five, in the midst of my Christmas eve festivities; or how the vomiting continued on the ride home; or how we had to miss out on the Christmas day festivities because of her upset tummy; or how someone slighted me out of a gift....
but looking at this picture all I can think of is there smiling faces; their laughter and twinkling eyes as they opened their gifts; and their thankful hearts.
Christmas may not have turned out how I wanted it too. But then again, it's not about me anyways. It's about Jesus and His beautiful, humble birth. It's about the joy that fills our hearts because our Savior has been born. Christmas is about taking our eyes off ourselves, placing them heavenward and shouting for the joy that our Savoir has come.

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