Wednesday, December 3, 2014

{I have a pre-teen...what?!?!}


After pushing for over an hour, I, not so politely, informed my doctor that if this kid did not come out in the next twenty minutes I was giving up and he would have to cut him out. Lo and behold, this kid came flying out, yes, flying, that the doctor almost dropped him. It has been a high flying adventure since then.
The last twelve years have been a nonstop, crazy, bumpy, hilarious ride. We've laughed, we've cried, we've argued, we've yelled, we've loved and we've hugged. Sometimes he makes me want to lock him in his room and sometimes I want to lock myself in my room. But in the end, he will always be that boy that stole my heart with just one look.
Twelve years have never gone by sooo fast. At twenty-one, as I cradled this chubby faced baby, the thought that I would one day have pre-teen was baffling. But here I am, twelve years later, with a sometimes stinky, wise cracking, political, God fearing, crazy haired, big dreamer who keeps me on my knees when I'm not doubled over in laughter.
So, here's to the kid who made me a mommy!
Happy 12th Birthday, Shane!


  1. Happy birthday to him! It only gets crazier from here!

  2. Happy Birthday to your son! My daughter is almost a pre-teen, she's 8. I'm nervous about having a teen girl in a few years.

  3. so crazy! My little one is 11 months and I know this day will come and I will be in awe like you!


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