Wednesday, January 21, 2015

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-I've been sick and in bed....I'm so sick of being sick. it seems that just when I start to feel better a few days later I'm sick again.
-there have been lots of sleepless nights...our little princess has decided to boycott sleep...I know! who boycotts sleep?!?!
-our little guy has been teething for what feels like months and yet still no molars. but don't be dismayed that does not stop him from eating anything that is placed in front of him.
-family life has been a big jumble as of late as we try out new dinner and bedtime routines to make life flow a bit easier...earlier bedtimes for the kiddos + early bedtime for me = more sleep= a win, win
-the turn of the new year is my busy's always better to be drowning in work than bored with none.
-a new year is a clean slate. I'm using this month to figure out what worked in 2014 and what didn't. I'm brainstorming, planning, experimenting---I want to make the best of this year...this year I want to move mountains both in personal and professional life.
-I've been on a cooking high as of late...trying new recipes and experimenting with new ingredients.
-the "Endless love" and Taylor Swifts "1989" have been on repeat on my say I'm obsessed is a bit understated.
-I've been addicted to audio books, so much so, I've got Shane addicted to them's been great...instead of listening to the radio on the way to school we listen to our audio book.
-we've been making a big effort to have a lot more family time and it's been great. the other night over dinner the husband came up with an idea to have theme's going to be fun.
-I feel is it's very important for Shane to know how to cook. he took over the cooking a couple times while I was sick in bed. and let me tell you it was pretty good. so, I've decided that Friday night is Shane's night to cook. he gets to plan it all out...this should be interesting.
What have you been up too lately?

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