Thursday, January 15, 2015

{I want to remember...}

with kids every day is a memory. it can be a good memory or a bad memory, regardless its origin every day is memory.
 schedules, routines, the busyness of the life can make the days run into each other and cause us to forget the special or minute moments of the day. and it is in those smallest of moments which hold the most precious of memories. it is those moments of which I do not want to forget.
I want to remember...
...the morning that Reagan buried Sawyer is mound of toys and he smiled in glee.
...the endless typing of the Shane's typewriter.
...the other night when I just cradled Reagan in my arms because she just needed to feel loved.
...the simplicity and excitement  of dinner picnics on the living room floor. time just seems to pause when we're all outside playing and having fun.
...the sound of laughter when one crazy kid is chasing another in the hallway. excited Sawyer gets when I tell him it's time for oils. Reagan will do almost anything for a gummy bear and then take hours to eat the said gummy bear.
...the type written notes that Shane leaves on my desk asking if he can watch a movie in his room. on New Year's Ever we all squeezed into the car, covered in blankets to drive around and see the Christmas lights. on a bad day we dropped everything and went get some much needed froyo.
what do you want to remember?


  1. Love this post! So important to think on the good things whether big or small. Good reminder!

  2. Great reminder. Today I want to remember how my almost five year old came to kiss me on the arm. "I just need a little momma" he said. I'm storing it for the days when kissing mom will no longer be cool. He starts kindergarten in fall - I know it's coming!


thank you for your comment...i read every one and they make me smile.


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