Wednesday, January 28, 2015

{ I want to remember::volume 2}

my girl at her finest {please ignore the huge pile of laundry...I hate folding}

I want to remember...
...this girl exclaiming in a voice full of price and accomplishment, "All for one! Look I'm a mousukteer!"
...those sweet moments after my dear Sawyer wakes up from his nap and all me wants to do is little cuddle bug.
...Shane's face, full of accomplishment, as he served us his first dinner made from a recipe he picked all my himself. excited Shane was when I gave him the apron I sewed for him...he wore it all night, even after he was done cooking. Sawyer snuggles down in the new comforter I made him...his smile hidden behind his pacifier, but his face aglow with comfort and peace.
...the hundreds of times Reagan changes her dolly's diaper because she is obsessed with the diapers and wipes I made her.
What do you want to remember?

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  1. Awww...this is beautiful. I want to remember the way my dog jumps up and greets me everytime I come home. :)

    PS: Love your kids names.


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