Monday, October 3, 2016

{hello monday:its been awhile}

Hello Monday, when what I would really like to say is good riddance, see you later, let's skip right over you and start on Tuesday.
Hello to a new week and praying this one's better...the few weeks, especially last week, have been extremely difficult. My faith and trust in God is been stretched in crazy, unpredictable ways. And I must say, if it weren't for my friends and church family I do not know how I would have made it through. 
Hello to October which usually means cooler weather, dusting the cobwebs off your boots and chunky sweaters, that is unless you live in southern California...ugh!
Hello to rest...My body has been overrun and overwrought by stress and anxiety these past few weeks. And so this week I have decided to make a conscience decision to make it a point to rest, even it's just for 15 minutes...just a time decompress and spend some time in uninterrupted prayer.
Hello to finishing up some books that almost finished reading...There is nothing like finishing a book and immediately starting something new.
Hello to writing again. It's been too long. And it is cathartic for  troubled my soul. 
Hello to making some cupcakes...because why not?

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