{meet me}

Hi there!

I'm Monique!

I'm a wife and mommy 3 spunky kids: Einstein my 11 year old, my 2 1/2 year old little princess and our new little guy only 3 months old.

so, a little bit about me. i am obsessed with all things french (when i was little i used to think i was french because my name was french). i am a lover of all things vintage. i have a love affair with the written word and because of this i have a very serious book buying addiction. i love coffee; i cannot live without it. i love to collect quotes...i write them down in random places and then tend to forget where i've written them...it's a sickenss, i know. i am addicted to interior design and hope to launch my online design site soon. i love sewing. i love fashion, but i've afraid i'm not the fashionista i wish i was. i live in flip flops, even in winter. i am a california girl through and through, always have been, always will be. however, i long to move to the east coast and live on a farm. but most importantly, i am a daughter of the King. every day i strive to be the wife and mother He has called me to be. 

why the lemonade diaries? life has been bittersweet--full of lemons-- and I tend to lean toward the negative side of things. in an effort to put the negativity behind me, I attempt to embrace the bittersweet and turn the lemons of life into lemonade...because lemonade in a fancy little glass always tastes better. so join me as drink up the lemons of life one little sip at a time.




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