hi there! i'm so excited that you are interested in partnering with me!
my goal is to partner with you, to support you, to help you grow your blog and/or shop. i do not want to be someone who just throws out a few tweets and shout outs here and there. instead, i want to promote you and your blog and/or shop organically. i do not want to be just another blog who offers sponsorships, i want us to partner together to support each other in this online community. i want us to be partners, friends, who support one another not only here in the online world, but also in our everyday lives.

since i began blogging, i have sponsored a variety of blogs--some that have been worth the money and some that have not. i have taken  my experience and what i think works and formulated the advertising packages below.

As of December 2013, my stats are as follows:

3k unique visitors a month

1455 followers via twitter
519 followers via facebook
322 followers via pinterest
405 followers via instagram


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